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Promoting your business is fun and it makes you think about your brand. You want to start boosting your brand but how do you start? Learn how to create ideas for your business. Follow the Third Culture Collective tips and get started.

Be the solution

First things first. What is the problem and what is the solution? You need to understand why you are promoting your brand. Why is your brand or business the solution? When you understand the “why” ideas will appear naturally.

Do your research and work in a team

If you are lucky enough to have a team, come together. Start with a topic and start brainstorming together. You can bounce of ideas from each other. Another thing you can do is come up with an idea and explain it to your team member, who has not been briefed yet. See if they understand your message without knowing anything about it.

More listening, less talking

You might know your business by heart and your strategy is good. That is fine, but good can always be better. Listen to your audience, your customers. They might give a comment or suggest something that never occurred to you. The communication between you and your customers should be easy to understand for everyone.

Build that relationship with your audience. Host a poll on social media, this way your audience can reply with one click. Learn more about polls on Top Rank Blog.


Don’t be afraid to reuse a previous post or photoshoot. One idea can be transformed into several items. Your initial idea is great, so it doesn’t need to stop there. Think about how one idea can be used again. E.g. the idea of a photo can be used to create a video to make longer content. All your pictures can be made into a collage. This gives you breathing time before your next new brainstorm session.

Train your brain daily

Write down 10 ideas about one topic every day. This will expand your horizon. This brain training session can be fun. Pick a topic that you want to work on. It does not necessarily need to be your target but doing these exercises can warm up the idea engine. The good thing about writing it down is that you can’t forget it. Whenever you are stuck, pick up your notes.

Read, Read, Read

Reading blogs and books will elevate your knowledge. You can pick ideas from a writing style or pick an idea from what you read. If you don’t like books or don’t have the time for it, start with a magazines, article and blogs.


Lost for ideas but still want to gain followers on social media? No problem. Create an online contest or do a giveaway. The good thing about these stunts is; they are low budget. The giveaway can be the service you provide or the products you sell, which means it is already available. Followers can tag their friends and share the post to increase their chances of winning. It is a win for them and definitely a win for your business. Read more about the benefits of giveaways.

Create a how-to video

You may know everything about your brand, but potential customers may not. Make a video or a tutorial to explain your product or service. Highlight the benefit of your brand. Showing the identity of a brand is a strategy and more than an idea.

All these tips can help you grow your business and build a relationship with your customer base. You don’t need to apply all of these tips. Review the identity of your brand and select the tips that might benefit your business. Be consistent with thinking about your next campaign, the more you dare to think outside of the box, the more the ideas will come.

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